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Can You Tell The Difference?

Can you tell which one is oak and which one is maple?...Is it nylon or polyester?... Do you really care? In most cases, neither does your customer!!

You can work with people who have made displays and branded merchandise their entire career or you can work with people who understand consumer behavior, brand strategy and have a long career in the display/merchandise business.

14 West takes the sourcing process from cradle to grave...we design the initial concepts, engineer the final drawings, spec the fabrics and materials, project manage the manufacturing with a global supply chain, install and ship worldwide.

Our experience in industries such as Beverage, Industrial Tool, Pet Supply, Agency and General Consumer Products is exactly what you need to move your product from the shelf to the checkout.

Donít ever get left holding the bag againÖ Call us and see what your experience in our space should be like!