Enter the Red Zone

This is nothing out of Star Wars or a discreet nod to the Cold War era. The Red Zone at 14 West is when the company needs to immediately rally behind a client due to an urgent opportunity or problem. The cause may vary.  One day a Brand Manager called in panic saying that a key retail account had a coveted holiday display opportunity, IF they could provide a great themed product display in a matter of days. Another Red Zone drill occurred when the marketing folks from a Spirits client of 14 West called to say that they need to bring a new product to market a month early to leap frog a competitor’s launch date.  

The reasons are as different as the days of the week, but when a 14 West Red Zone Meeting is called, every available 14 West employee gathers in person or by phone for a knockdown, drag-out collaboration session. From there it is a stream of great ideas starting with “How about…” until it’s done.