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You won’t be holding the bag
(unless you ordered one)

A lot of branded merchandise providers make promises they can’t keep. Sure, that hurts their business. But you know what’s worse? It hurts yours.

At 14 West, we know the quotes we provide – and you, in turn, pass along to your clients, whether they be internal or external – are a commitment that the item is in stock. So when you call us and say, “Hey, I need three promotional ideas right now,” we do more than pull together numbers and merchandise from a catalog. We call the manufacturer to make sure the products we suggest are available. In other words, we make the extra phone call.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal? Well, that call prevents you from looking clueless in front of your client. Remember, you called an hour ago and got the client excited. They were thrilled with your brilliance, said, “That’s why we do business with geniuses like you.”

And now you have to tell them, “Uh, geez, well, see, it’s like this: I can’t deliver on that idea I suggested – you know, the one you loved.”

Guess who doesn’t look so brilliant anymore: The guy hemming and hawing on the other end of the line. (That would be you.)

Call us and you’ll never be stuck holding the bag in front of your client. Unless you order an actual bag, in which case we’ll deliver as promised – because we called ahead to make sure your brilliant idea was in stock.

See how this works?