Point of Purchase

Retail displays are often the first introduction of your brand to consumers.  There are always parameters like the display’s footprint, the number and variety of items it must display and other “must haves”.  The design however is key to making an immediate impression for the brand.  The colors, the shape and even the materials it is made of need to make a favorable impression with the target audience for your product to succeed. 

Mercury Prop Display

When 14-West heard that Mercury Marine was introducing a new propeller, they did some proactive brainstorming to develop premiums that the brand could use to promote the roll out the new SpitFire model with the dealer network. The result was an innovative retail display that beautifully showcased numerous prop models while maintaining a small footprint despite needing substantial strength to support the collective weight of the props.

Jameson Barrel Display

When 14 West was asked to design brand displays that highlighted wooden barrels for our client, we carefully concepted a unique design that was both impressive and effective. Using barrel ends as a display piece pose challenges because barrel displays are typically mounted flat onto a wall. With some creative thinking and ingenuity, we were able to attach them to a wrought iron mount, which made these displays wonderfully unique and particularly eye-catching.

Kmart T-Shirt Display

Kmart T-Shirt Display

Cable Organization Displays

Organize. Carry. Store. These are the three key elements that make up the Cable Wraptor brand. They’re also the key elements we chose to feature in their retial display.

Guiness Barrel Display

When Guinness needed a retail display that stood out and attracted its customer’s attention, we went to work and concepted a fun and equally functional retail display that showcased the two key ingredients for a Black & Tan – Guinness and Harp.