Mercury Marine SpitFire Propeller Introduction

When 14-West heard that Mercury Marine was introducing a new propeller, they did some proactive brainstorming to develop premiums that the brand could use to promote the roll out the new SpitFire model with the dealer network.  14-West custom designed mugs and pen caddies that incorporated the features of the propellers.  The innovative designs were well received and 14-West was told of the more immediate challenges Mercury Marine was having with developing a retail display to showcase the SpitFire.  With only five days available before a decision needed to be made this qualified as a "14-West Brand Emergency"!

In an immediate, "all hands on deck", Red Zone Meeting, 14-West's collective team developed a retail display that met all of the client's criteria.  It had an innovative design that would stand out, utilized a small footprint, could merchandise numerous prop models and had the strength to support their collective weight.  In less than five days the approved design was developed, production was sourced and the Mercury Marine SpitFire was on its way to a flashy introduction to the world!


  • Increased brand awareness

  • Earned media opportunities

  • Increase in quarterly sales